VISIBILITY is an Internet marketing agency. We educate the market with love and respect & always provide client with added value services to help them stay a step ahead.

VISIBILITY is an Internet marketing agency. Our mission is to increase the value of your brand and your company as well as to manage your reputation on the Internet.

Your success is our ultimate goal! We permanently develop our skill and product offers, so we can provide your company with effective services with high quality.

Based in Central Europe.

VISIBILITY is digital marketing agency in Central Europe. We have offices in Bratislava and Prague. With 60 specialists and more than 120 clients in Czechoslovakia. We cover 2 national markets in the region.

60+ Specialists
120+ Active clients
2 Countries covered
8+ Languages

Our areas of speciality

These are our services

We have an open-minded, free company culture where everyone's contribution is appreciated. We will provide you with top professional services in the following areas:

SEO Content

We will develop your Content Marketing Strategy, and take care of your website and its content in accordance with the strategy. You will notice an immediate increase of visitors.


PPC advertising can be precisely targeted. Clients do not pay for display / placement, but per click by real visitors to their website.

Social Media Communication

Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook? We will choose the social network that is the best fit for your business goals and take care of the communication within the selected network.

Content Marketing

Old fashioned SEO sinks into oblivion! Nowadays, users of websites expect much more. You have to create value.


Most people never visit the second page of search results. For this reason, if you want to succeed, you need to be on the first page - paid or organic.

Analysis and Consulting

Do you want to take care of your own communication, but don't know how? We can offer you a complete service - initial analysis and configuration, training, and regular consultation and the supervision of your team.

Creative Solutions

Creativity by VISIBILITY is a colourful branch of VISIBILITY. We are young, full of energy and we believe that everyone in the world has a mission.


Melody seamlessly combines online communication tools. It harmonizes our services so they are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Meet the team

A group of passionate people.

Team with passion and love for what they do with ability to pass it on to clients.

Juraj Sasko

Owner, CEO and Sales Director

Juraj Sasko has an MSc degree in Computing from Coventry University, UK and an MBA in ecommerce from LIGS University, USA. He is CEO and co-owner of VISIBILITY, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Slovakia. He founded the ADMA-Slovak association of digital marketing agencies and has been active in various organizations such as the Association of young entrepreneurs Slovakia and the Junior Chamber International Slovakia (national president for 2015). Juraj is an external lecturer of Google and teaches at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Júlia Micháleková

Managing Director

My name is Julia and I have worked at VISIBILITY since the company began. That is almost 6 years. My current position is Managing Director. My main focus is on HR and motivating people. I also work on client projects as an Online Strategic Consultant. I love to teach people about online marketing, HR and managing projects and processes. I often lecture at conferences or universities.

Marek Sulik

Performance Marketing Director

I'm an Online Marketing Specialist. I work in at VISIBILITY as the Performance Marketing Director. I'm interested in SEO, Web Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Management, Inbound Marketing and Community Management.

Our Key People

Ján Andrejko

SEO Quality Manager

The web is a good servant, but a cruel master. That's why I like to show people the way through the plethora of information and also tell clients how to become visible in this online jungle. I'm also a drummer and a nature lover in my free time.

Matúš Lovás

PPC Quality Manager

My first experience with online marketing was at the end of 2012 at the University of Economics in Bratislava. Subsequently I obtained an internship at a marketing agency, where I had been offered a part-time position while studying at the University.
I took care of SEO, linkbuilding, PPC and communication with clients. After finishing my study I changed agencies and I ended up at VISIBILITY, where I take care of PPC campaigns for our clients. In my spare time I love to play golf, travel, workout or spend time with my friends. From time to time I like to read a good book (prefer fantasy genre).

Dávid Starinsky

Creative Quality Manager

I have worked at VISIBILITY since 2012. I started to work here as a part-timer for the SEO department while I was still studying. When I graduated I moved up to the creative department to the position of copywriter/social media manager. Later I became Senior Copywriter and Quality Manager. I enjoy working with people - whether they are coworkers, clients or a larger audience. My vision for the future is to develop some project that may not be profitable, but will be well known by many people and I will have it as a hobby too.

Kristína Sebová

Account Quality Manager

I haven't been working in the marketing field from the beginning of my work life. I started to gather experience in the automotive area. This experience gave me good communication and organisation skills. Now I have worked at VISIBILITY for more than one year. I am really interested in account management, so this job is a big challenge and pleasure to me. After some time my passion and skills led me to become Account Quality Manager and I lead my own team of people now.

What we stand for

VISIBILITY is an Internet marketing agency. Our mission is to increase the value of your brand and your company as well as to manage your reputation in the Internet. Your success is our ultimate goal! We continuously develop our skill and product offers, so we can provide your company with effective services of high quality.

Trusted by our many clients:

""We had pleasure to participate in one-day-long SEO, internet marketing and Internet PR training, which has been given by Rado Rohal and Juraj Sasko from VISIBILITY. The training has widen our knowledge and we received answers to our questions. The topics were illustrated with real life examples, what made it even more understandable.” "

Michal Král Managing Director - PRICEMANIA

""Help in the field of the Internet communication we received from VISIBILITY during the campaign ”Narcissus Day 2010′′ was very useful and was positively evaluated. Conducting campaigns takes time and requires certain skills, which are missing in our organization. Moreover, we are not able to focus on these activities with proper level of engagement. Internet and the internet communication give great possibilities, which were fully implemented by VISIBILITY in our project.”"

Lucia Budácová Project Manager - Liga Proti Rakovine

"“Thanks to linkbuilding for our website we have got better results in SERP and we increased traffic on our website.” "

Marek Kopca E-commerce Specialist - Union Zdravotná Poist'ovna

"“Cooperation with VISIBILITY agency was very effective and profitable for our company. Thanks to our cooperation we achieved goals set in our internet marketing strategy, what brought significant increase in the volume of traffic on our website. We are very satisfied with results of the conducted activities. I am positive that our cooperation will be maintained in the future.” "

Marián Abaffy Marketing and Communication Consultant - Union Poist'ovna

"“I’m very impressed by Juraj Sasko’s work and I appreciate the amount of time he spent carrying out his research on ROI of SEO vs. PPC and trying to increase the number of back links. I think his conclusion was right, PPC is more effective in a short period of time. Juraj has done a very well job in a branch very difficult to understand”."

Richard Haywood Marketing Executive - Trinity Expert Systems Limited

"“Rado Rohal is one of the best experts in the field of SEO whom I have ever met. Thanks to our close cooperation, I achieved goals set for the project czech.cz – our website reached the first positions in search engines. For the keyword „czech republic” we achieved the first place in the English language Google.”"

Michal Jerábek Account Director - Mather Adventures

"“Suggestions and changes provided by Mr Rohal and implemented in our website – www.kiska.sk – brought almost instant rise of traffic to our website by 89%.” "

Tatiana Vilimová Director - Kiska Travel

""Solutions proposed by Rado Rohal increased traffic on our website by 62% in a couple of months.“ "

Jan Bockstefel Marketing Manager - Wer Liefert

""We have always been satisfied with the results of our SEO campaigns and keywords positions (domény, hosting, servery...), which achieved the first positions. When we lost positions (for a short time), we got them back immediately, just like VISIBILITY promised us.“"

Michal Truban CEO - Websupport

" “Our cooperation with VISIBILITY lasts already over two years. We cooperate in all kind of SEO activities – from the most simple ones like basic websites optimization, to advanced techniques that helped us develop our business.”"

Bohdan Fedor Sales Development Expert - ZUNO AG