An agency passionate about maximizing online visibility at all relevant touch points.

Our focus is to provide always on services that maximize the total effect of our customer’s marketing budgets and increase their sales. We maximize online visibility at all relevant points.

Providing the right paid and owned content at the right time and place in order to influence the target audience at all stages of the buying cycle. We believe marketing has undergone a revolution and old truths don’t apply.

Based in the Nordic region

KliKKi is a fast growing Nordic Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. With 60 specialists covering Data & insights. Marketing Technology. Paid and Owned Media Optimization handling some of the largest brands and advertisers in the Nordic region.

70+ Specialists in-house
50+ Active clients
4 Nordic region markets covered
10+ Languages spoken in-house

Our areas of speciality

These are our services

At KliKKi we believe in Always on Marketing. In order to create effective marketing with real impact you need to manage and optimize both your owned and paid channels, know your data and constantly improve and test new ideas.


It used to be all about technology and links. Today, it's a marketing discipline that is about securing maximum organic visibility for your brand via search engines by giving users the content they are looking for. Whatever the type of content our customers build their sites with, by approaching search engine optimization from a market-first perspective we put the end customer in focus and build sites that provide content that's relevant to each and every search in our portfolio of keywords.

KliKKi SEO services include Market Insights, Competitor benchmarking, Keywords mapping, Market driven site architecture, Content Audit & Strategy, Content promotion, Technical Audit & Strategy, Migration projects and more.


KliKKi Strategy & Planning services involve Online Purchase Process Analysis, Market and Consumer Insights, KPI definition, Business Case development, Channel Strategy, Attribution modeling and more.

I all starts with understanding your business targets and setting the strategy required to reach them in order to define the right strategy a combination of Market and Consumer Insights and broad experience of the digital landscape is required. In addition, developing the business case for upcoming investments in the digital space is a central part of our standard approach.

Analytics & Insights

Our approach within Analytics & Insights is based around a clear definition of the numbers, reports and KPI's that are needed to drive out clients' businesses forward. We provide services to secure that the tracking system provides the correct information, and that this information is analyzed and presented in a way that can support management and business decisions.

At the core of our serviices is Google Analytics, for which the company is a qualified partner (Google Analytics Certified Partner) KliKKi was accredited with the GAAC status in 2008, as one of the first companies in the Nordics.


KliKKi employs a specialized SEM team that serves our customers in local languages throughout the whole Nordic region. Our services consist of complete management of our clients' paid search activities in multiple search channels, including keyword portfolio development product feed management optimization of ad-copy and implementation of bidding strategies.

Our SEM services are tightly integrated with other paid media services providing a foundation for highly efficient search retargeting and remarketing.

Video & Display

A crucial part of an always on paid media strategy is to utilize the most recent and efficient display solutions available and to combine the right content/creative with the right placement and channel.

In practice this means having the right banner, for the person at the right time and the right price. Using customer and other data is the key to success.

Social Media

Social Media channels can be used for paid display advertising utilizing advanced targeting options and by gaining visibility from your customers engagement. The other options to build the Social Media presence with followers and fans.

This requires a clear reason for the user to engage with your brand and for you to provide engaging content at the right place, the right time and at the right frequency. KliKKi can guide you through the process of setting the right goals and KPIs and follow up on your targets.

Conversion Optimization

The process of conversion optimization typically involves securing the websites tracking, conducting an audit of the website's or landing pages usability and design, identifying bottlenecks and quick wins and setting up hypotheses, implementing alternatives and testing the outcome.

This work is always on and continuous, meaning that agile work processes need to be developed in order to optimize conversion rates.

What we stand for

We aim to challenge and transform establish marketing to boost the business for our customers. KliKKi is always on. A real-time, technology & data driven business that's fully integrated, device independent and results based.

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