Adwords Campaign

The Challenge

BioCare is an online store offering nutritional supplements, organic food and eco drugstore. The goal was to target the ads more accurately and reduce ad costs. That goal was accomplished.
Biocare had been using advertising on Google to expand awareness of its brand. Unfortunately, the Google AdWords campaigns did not achieve the desired results and the company had a problem with the high cost of long term campaign management. Biocare´s first requirement was that the costs would not exceed 10% of the revenue generated via the campaigns. Its second requirement was to increase conversions and target advertising better to appear to the right audience.

Results and Targets

- 40%

- 43%

- 47%


We achieved the goals and increased the sales in just one month by using our specific strategy. The
cost of the PPC campaigns went below 10% in the first month already and within three months they
dropped to below 6%. Cost per click decreased by 43%, cost per conversion decreased by 47%.