International Analytics Academy

The Challenge

The Web Analytics area has shown to be and still is a crucial pillar in all other online marketing disciplines. From the strategic point of view, having a good tracking concept and a proper Analytics implementation on a website enables a company to understand which Paid Advertising, SEO and Content Marketing measures are working and which are bringing a positive ROI. The gathering of this information to fine-tune the strategies and achieve the goals is crucial for decision makers.

The Everywhere Network partners – who already have large experience with Web Analytics – see an increasing demand for the Analytics service in a variety of companies. Due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to find high-level Analytics professionals in this area, in 2016, we launched a pioneering and unique initiative in Europe: the International Analytics Academy.

In the course of six months, our best Web Analytics specialists train 14 talented participants in the International Analytics Academy. The goal is very clear: teach them all there is to know about Analytics and the technical im-plementations so they will offer the best solutions to our clients. Besides that, it is also important to us to bring all participants together so they can get to know each other. Since they are all going to work together in several projects of the Everywhere Network, the good communication between the participants is a top priority for us in order to deliver the best results to our clients.



trained Web Analysts

months of extensive learning

minutes of training

Such an innovative and challenging project demands a reasonable amount of investment and energy but the results fulfill all our expectations. Our senior Web Analysts are able to transmit all their valuable knowledge to the participants of the Academy and form 14 highly skilled professionals to work on our clients projects.

"The International Analytics Academy is an very important step for the Everywhere Network on many levels. We have the chance to educate Web Analysts, who are cru-cial to make our companies and countries competitive in a fast growing industry. At the same time we are glad to have highly skilled professionals to deliver the best solutions and results to our clients."

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